Business Setup

The consulting flowchart to establish a business in Singapore


The consultation to establish a company or a local corporation in Singapore


***We could provide the service of consulting.


The consultation related to the procedure to establish and budget in Singapore


***We could provide the necessary information, such as the research of marketing, the decision of form to establish.


To decide to investment in Bangladesh and establish a company in Singapore


***We could help you make a decision which form should be established


The registration of your corporation in Singapore


***We could provide the service to establish and registrar a corporation in Singapore


The completion for establish a corporation in Singapore


***We could introduce an office or company house by the real estate, which cooperated with our company.


The business forms to establish in Singapore

  • Corporation
  • Representative Office
  • Branch
  • Partnership


Representative Office


The work of representative office is limited to support the sales activities and contract role. It is recognized to conduct the market research, advertisement and some other work, but it is not recognized to do a negotiation of agreement, accept the order, collect the receivables and do after service. Representative office is not treated as a personality so that it is not required to do declaration for other corporation.




In order to establish a branch in Singapore, two residents in Singapore must be appointed as agent. As an agent, it has a liability for branch and it has the right to receive the documents from foreign companies. And it also has a responsibility to undertake a penalty of branch.




Corporation is the most general form of a business in Singapore when foreign companies establish a business. It is possible to establish unlimited liability company, limited liability company and guarantee liability company in Singapore.




Partnership is individuals or corporation made up from two to twenty members, which register without personality of corporation. And the liability of loss and risk related to legal are all paid by partnership. The registration of partnership can be applied by individual with the nationality of Singapore, permanent residence, and foreigners with entry pass or registered corporation. Business Registration Act regulates the management of partnership.


The procedure to establish a business in Singapore


Reservation of business brand


In order to establish a business in Singapore, foreign companies must apply ACRA to obtain a permit of business brand. The registered business brand cannot be used. And if the company is private,「Private」or「Pte」 must be included in the name. If the company is limited liability company, 「Limited」or「Ltd」must be included in the name.


Application of registration


At least one shareholder and one resident in Singapore have to be the directors. The process to establish a business is simpler than other business.


The procedure after registration


After the procedure to establish a business in Singapore, to establish a business, account, transfer and some other work have to be made sure. In six mouths after establish a business, the appointment of officer has to be finished. And the appointment of a financial audit must conduct in three mouths from establishing a business.


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