Office Solutions


Establish Singapore has the connections to provide you with a range of virtual office solutions with varying levels of service and pricing options all over Singapore.


These virtual office solutions will drastically reduce the costs of your small or start-up business, or representative office.


Services Offered


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Ask to receive an information pack outlining your Virtual Office options.


Meet with a consultant to explore virtual office options


If you would like to explore Virtual Office Solutions in detail with one of our consultants, arrange a consultation including times you will be available to meet either in person or through Skype. We will then set up a meeting.


Contract a virtual office solution


If you have looked at the options and made a decision about which Virtual Office Solution you would like for your business, fill out the Request For Proposal Form including which option you have chosen. We will then send you the details along with the price for your approval then draft the agreement.


Your company’s office requirements made easy


We have designed a simple step-by-step system for your Office needs. Following this method means you can get your business up and running much sooner than you would have thought, which can mean a faster return on your investment.


Step 1: Open your company using our commercial address


All companies in Singapore need to have an official commercial address in order to complete the registration process. As it is impossible for your company to enter into a rental contract before the registration process is complete, you can use our commercial address (depending on the nature of the business) temporarily until your company is formed and can enter into a contract.


Step 2: Contract Virtual Office or Serviced Office Services


Choose from one of the wide range of packages available to suit all budgets and enjoy the bi-lingual services, prestigious location and professional environment of a virtual or serviced office. Packages generally include bi-lingual phone attendants with a dedicated phone line for your business, use of office equipment, mail receiving and sorting and use of meeting rooms. Serviced offices also include a regularly cleaned room with phone line and internet access.


This is enough to get your business up and running, removing the time and cost of setting up an office and letting you take care of what’s important, your business!


Step 3: Find an office, rent and furnish it.


When it comes time for your business to really get off the ground it is probably time for your company to have its own office. At this point we can help you find an office to rent or to buy, our legal team can go through the contracts and insure your interests are protected and a personal assistant can assist you in furnishing it and connecting the services such as telephone, power and internet.


Why use a virtual office?

  • Cost reductions
  • For start up businesses or those with few staff, a virtual office can greatly reduce your Office expenses.
  • Professional Image
  • High quality reception areas and meeting rooms leave a good impression.
  • Peace of mind
  • A virtual office takes the hassle out of administrating an office by consolidating everything into a monthly payment.
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.