Internal Audit

Internal Audit in Singapore

Internal audit is a functional department to find the inefficiency and illegal of work in-house and forms the system of management to monitor the work.

Furthermore, if the internal audit can direct the improvement and give the advices to promote improvements, it is more functional than general internal audit.



Roles and Functions:


  • Obey related laws and check the manuals of management
  • Promote, evaluate and discuss whether measures and policies are conducted or not
  • Promote the efficiency of work and manage the operations of different departments
  • Advice the suggestions of improvement of inefficiency procedure, rules, regulations and manuals
  • Prove and evaluate the operations conditions of internal governance system


  1. Procedure of Internal Audit

❶ Plan internal audit project and schemes for medium-long term

❷ Plan internal audit project and schemes yearly

❸ Plan internal audit project separately

❹ Proceed internal audit

❺ Create report of internal audit

❻ Notify the result to the chief executive officer and departments audited

❼ Conduct the improvements

❽ Check the conditions of proceeding of improvements


  1. Our services of internal audit in Singapore

The work of internal audit can be divided to detect and consult. The center function of internal audit of most companies in Singapore is checking. However, internal governance should not only check the work, but also to display the function of consulting. In order to display the function well, we will provide the services of planning internal audit schemes, preparatory internal audit, researching, reporting to managers and follow internal audit, etc. according to the complicated conditions of Singapore.


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