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Visa service in Singapore


In the case that foreigners work in Singapore, it is a very complicated and important problem to do the procedure of visa and work permission. Nowadays, the procedure to get or to update visa has become stricter than before. Facing this situation, our staff will try our best to provide the service of update, extension and daily management.


・ Working Visa in Singapore


There are three types of working visa in Singapore.


❶ Employment pass (EP)


If the conditions of employment are met, foreigners can obtain the EP.


There are three conditions of employment:


a. Educational background


In Singapore it is a tendency to focus on educational background so that if foreign workers graduate from famous university, it is easier to get the EP. In general, Bachelor’s degree is not an indispensable condition. But it will be easier to obtain the EP if there is relevance between the work and the major you learned.


b. Kind of job (experience)


■ Application documents of working visa will be judged by how good the persons can do the work.

■ If the persons who did the marketing and sales apply for technical work in Singapore, it is more possible to obtain working visa in Singapore.

■ It is a tendency that the government of Singapore will give working visa to experts and not the persons without experience.


c. Salary


It can be said that salary is the most important condition. Always $4000~$4500 is a rough standard. And the way of writing is also very significant to affect the results. We will also provide the service to prepare these documents.


❷ S Pass


S pass is a kind of visa that the foreign companies meet some requirements and foreign companies will have the rights to employ staffs. For example, if the foreign company employs five Singaporean, the right of S Pass for one foreigner will be given. The least salary is $2200 every mouth and it is also required to have a certain level of degree. S Pass will be valid for two years at most of the first application and for three years at most of update.


❸ Work permit (WP)


The first of requirement to apply WP is the age of applier should be from eighteen to fifty. The citizenship of applier should be Malaysia, China, Northern Asia or some non-traditional countries. There is no condition of basic salary but if the company decides to employ foreigners, the employers should provide $5000 of guaranty money for per person, $15,000 of medical insurance per person to the government of Singapore.


2. The service of Recruitment in Singapore


■ We will provide the service of recruitment for foreign companies while entering the market of Singapore. The following is the procedure of our service:


❶ Please submit an application for recruitment to us.

❷ We will interview you to know the requirements of recruitment.

❸ To match the persons you want and the registers of our companies

❹ To have a interview with registers

❺ To introduce the registers to you and conduct a interview

❻ To reach an agreement


■ We will provide the support of human resource including recruitment, evaluation, salary and education. We think that distribution of salary and education are the important points to form the system of evaluation.


■ Other services

・ Labor advices

・ Advices related to Social insurance or Labor Law

・ Advices of outsourcing service


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.